Leon Logothetis' journey around the world

Is Leon Logothetis compassionate or crazy—or both?

Logothetis, you may recall, bought a 1985 London taxi, dubbing it the Kindness Cab, and drove it from New York to Los Angeles, doing good deeds—driving a veteran to a VA Hospital for cancer treatment, taking a down-on-its-luck family out for ice cream—along the way.

Logothetis also drove from London to Ulan Bator, Mongolia, as part of last year’s Mongol Rally, a 10,000-mile trip after which he donated to FirstBook one book for every mile driven.

Now he’s at it again, circumnavigating the globe, which, in and of itself, is interesting, but he’s doing it on a bright yellow motorcycle with a sidecar. He's calling this machine Kindness One. Read more