Postcards From the West Tips for visiting Durango, Colo.

Do's and don'ts when visiting Durango, Colo. (See the full story here)

Note: If you’re driving from Albuquerque, don’t automatically take the 218-mile route by way of U.S. 550 and Cuba, N.M., that Google Maps recommends. If you can, make time for the more scenic 277-mile route on U.S. 84, passing through Santa Fe, N.M., the Chama Valley and Pagosa Springs, Colo. But whatever route you choose, don’t take the mountain roads for granted. Rock slides and road work often mean delays or closures on U.S. 550 and U.S. 160, which converge 500 feet from the Durango train station. For current info, check with the Colorado Department of Transportation at The site also often has updates.

Produced by Nico Smedley